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#637793811663303741 - Leixin's Miku Runner(Lode Runner hack) Replay - The Collection of All Musical Notes

Miku Runner-ALL ITEMS.fm2
In 52:27.00 (189122 frames), 637 rerecords
Game: Miku Runner ( NES, see all files )
2 comments, 119 downloads
Uploaded 2/2/2022 6:46 AM by Leixin (see all 1)
Miku Runner is a Lode Runner hack made by Monaka Kun, which is an extensive and detailed ROM hack featuring legendary virtual idol Miku Hatsune, and contains new graphics, levels, and music.
Leixin made this simple TAS video using only the acceleration and deceleration function and the save/load function of the emulator.
The main point of the video is to quickly complete all 60 stages and the collection of whole notes.
The special reward fruit for clearing levels in the original game has been changed to the only one "♪". "♪" appears where the first piece of gold is collected. The condition for "♪" to appear is not to kill the robot until the last gold is collected, that is, no robot rebirth. The time limit for the existence of special rewards has been lifted, but the "♪" will disappear immediately if the robot is killed before it is collected. Of course, killing them after getting "♪" won't have this problem. Because "♪" is a bonus element, which is different from the properties of gold, the conditions for collection are not as harsh as gold. Gold needs to be completely overlapped by the Runner to be collected.
This replay shows how to collect all the notes. If anyone is interested in this, you can continue to create on this basis.
You can watch the video directly on this website:
More information about this hack can be found on the author's homepage.