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#637910521609112867 - [ALTERNATIVE MOVIE] Undertale - New Game+ Neutral

In 38:10.36 (68720 frames), 11789 rerecords
Game: Undertale (Linux)
0 views, 30 downloads
Uploaded 6/17/2022 8:42 AM by LukeSaward (2 files)
Alternative movie that proceeds through the end credits for encoding.

#637840694183159533 - [VERIFICATION MOVIE] Undertale - New Game+ Neutral

In 1:12:01.20 (129636 frames), 391 rerecords
Game: Undertale (Linux)
89 views, 41 downloads
Uploaded 3/28/2022 1:03 PM by LukeSaward (2 files)
This movie generates the save files required to play back the New Game+ Neutral movie file correctly.
UNCHECK Runtime > Prevent writing to disk before playing this file back to ensure it generates the files correctly. Also make sure Movie >Auto-restart game is on. Oh and make sure Runtime > Time tracking > clock_gettime() is checked, otherwise the game won't progress past the intro/first couple frames.
Save files can be found at /home/YOUR_USERNAME/.config/UNDERTALE_linux_steamver. Make sure to delete existing save files before playing this movie.