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#638111015018084959 - gbc little green blob possibly complete

In 02:08.93 (7701 frames), 2825 rerecords
0 views, 6 downloads
Uploaded 2 days ago by MarioAtWork (14 files)
I've gone through multiple times to try and optimise every little thing but something just doesn't feel right. I know the amount of lag frames is sub optimal but I can't find any way to remove them which is a bit annoying. I'll probably submit soon if I don't find any improvements.

#638039288102790040 - blobquest -10f

In 03:35.31 (12940 frames), 5306 rerecords
Game: BlobQuest (NES)
0 views, 15 downloads
Uploaded 11/13/2022 9:33 AM by MarioAtWork (14 files)
improvement found in ruby 4

#638002375499678579 - kubo but his legs are stuck in the wall

In 00:05.87 (353 frames), 360 rerecords
Game: KUBO (NES)
0 views, 16 downloads
Uploaded 10/1/2022 4:12 PM by MarioAtWork (14 files)
the logical step to take now is working out how to bypass wall collisions
I also found out that if his y level is at a sepcific value, he can walk in the wall

#637986935236734484 - Misplaced WIP

In 02:03.00 (7371 frames), 1609 rerecords
Game: Misplaced (Genesis)
0 views, 23 downloads
Uploaded 9/13/2022 7:18 PM by MarioAtWork (14 files)
Fun puzzle game with an interesting central mechanic. Towards the end of where I'm up to, I realised you could just walk through the guy who talks to you and blocks your path which will save a bunch of time when I implement that. There are also 2 versions of the game, english and russian. Once I'm done with the TAS, I'll see if the russian version saves any time in cutscenes.

#637955627071727609 - WIP DS Flushed Away up to end of level 2

In 02:33.64 (9192 frames), 293 rerecords
Game: Flushed Away (DS)
0 views, 21 downloads
Uploaded 8/8/2022 1:38 PM by MarioAtWork (14 files)
quite a bit of timesave I can see in lvl 1, level 2 maybe. Currently at a dead end with The Getaway due to dodgy collisions or something. This movie shows that the Jammy Dodger can't hit the boat for some reason (emulator bug?)

#637955618423339391 - WIP nova the squirrel up to end of 3-2

In 06:09.49 (22206 frames), 10329 rerecords
Game: Nova the Squirrel (NES)
0 views, 25 downloads
Uploaded 8/8/2022 1:24 PM by MarioAtWork (14 files)
whoo! 10k rerecords but more importantly the start of a new world and new ability: the ice block. This works similarly to the burger but slides around on a floor and takes a lot longer to reload so as many as possible are dropped into the abyss so a new one can be dropped sooner. I also went back and saw quite a few places that can be improved so I'm really excited to finish the final stage so I can go back and see how much time I can save

#637949563214352076 - BlobQuest crash

In 03:05.94 (11175 frames), 2451 rerecords
Game: BlobQuest (NES)
0 views, 23 downloads
Uploaded 8/1/2022 1:12 PM by MarioAtWork (14 files)
This is currently an any% WIP and I somehow managed to make the game crash by activating the spider ball on the same frame as takiing damage (I assume). A message comes up reading:
Bad collide config
  A 8B
  X 27
  Y 1E
I'm currently unsure what this means and am starting to wonder if this could be abused for a credits warp of some sort. I did manage to find these values in RAM search here

#637949562860940629 - blobquest crash values

Game: BlobQuest (NES)
0 views, 21 downloads
Uploaded 8/1/2022 1:11 PM by MarioAtWork (14 files)

#637941057318707931 - WIP that can't get past mountains 2

In 02:56.39 (10570 frames), 1779 rerecords
0 views, 23 downloads
Uploaded 7/22/2022 4:55 PM by MarioAtWork (14 files)
so far, I believe everything before mountains 2 is faster than the current publication even though it doesn't look like it because of framerate differences but I'm really stuck on this level. if I put in a lot more work, I might be able to but I'll probably shelve it for a bit unless someone else decides to improve upon this

#637919434595605280 - Flooder WIP

In 00:05.55 (332 frames), 76 rerecords
Game: Flooder (GBC)
0 views, 20 downloads
Uploaded 6/27/2022 4:17 PM by MarioAtWork (14 files)
I'm ashamed to say I've put barely any work into this. It's just a fun puzzle game I stumbled across and wanted to see how quickly it could be done. If I feel some sudden motivation I might redo it. Anyone reading this is free to improve this, I'd be more than happy to see that