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#13963207940440037 - Power Blade 2 - beaten, needs polish

TAS - Power Blade 2 (U) [!] game beaten, needs polish.fm2
In 20:56.75 (75529 frames), 38078 rerecords
Game: Power Blade 2 ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 4/12/2014 7:39 PM by SideofClouds (see all 2)
After months of procrastination here is the latest WIP with the game beaten. But now that's it's beaten, some improvements can be done. At the end of the last stage, at the first boss, I was left with energy to spare ... this means I could go back and not take a small battery. Or even better, take a big battery and keep the suit on throughout the entire stage 2 (saves time by not changing to normal and back to suit on autoscroll) and also not take a small battery if left with extra energy at the end of stage 6. I found a functional trick in which you can hit enemies through the platform with the boomerang (watch here how).
Stage 6 comments on areas:
Area 1. falling through the tunnel.
Area 2. You have to go for a swim in the mud and also need to kill many things to reduce lag frames.
Area 3. Go down as fast as possible, take some damage to save time.
Area 4. Autoscroll, tried to make it as entertaining as possible, I sacrificed 3-4 lag frames for it but it was worth it.
Area 5. Same as area 3
Area 6. Getting through those platforms while flying and not losing momentum was a bit tough. Kill most of the stuff to reduce lag.
Area 7. Without the rocket suit it would be impossible to make that slide jump.
Area 8. Just don't take damage and fly to the platform above.
Area 9. Here I tested if the wet suit would be faster for this and the next room (because switching suits takes like 2 seconds) and it's not.
Area 10. More water, luckily the slide helped.
Area 11. Same as area 7.
Area 12. Going for the ladder is slower and you also get hit by the lava guys.
Area 13. That's the fastest way to go to the exit.
Area 14. A lot of lag at the finish, sadly if you try to go faster the platform at the end of the area won't be there! ... and it would take even longer to fly over. The worms have a lot of HP and killing them is out of the question.
I destroyed most of the previous 5 bosses in a different manner to make it fresh (except the 4th one since it's optimal) and with no lag frames.
The last boss was a bit of a challenge to do with no lag frames since the 6 balls that he shoots cause lag frames. I got around that by manipulating his position so that I could squeeze Nova between him and the wall just so that he won't take damage and also make the boss shoot at the wall which quickly absorbs the shots. The only sad thing is that he managed to disappear with 1 hp right before I could destroy him (3 frames earlier and he would have been dead already) ... when he starts to blink you can't do damage to him (also tried to pause glitch - didn't work).

#5193890403056913 - Power Blade 2 WIP levels 3,1

TAS WIP - Power Blade 2 (U) [!] - Levels 3,1.fm2
In 05:48.98 (20973 frames), 9001 rerecords
Game: Power Blade ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 3/13/2013 9:21 PM by SideofClouds (see all 2)
Finished stage 1 on which I spent most of the time figuring out what 'dance moves' to do in the elevator area ... also I've tested out whether the NEWT suit would be useful in later stages and it isn't ... furthermore I had to carefully choose which enemies to kill and in what order so that I won't lose time while moving and to get 3 valuable items in the elevator section ... enjoy :)