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#637807409719924707 - WL2: Clipping after exiting water

In 00:13.00 (766 frames), 33 rerecords
Game: Wario Land II (GBC)
Uploaded 2/18/2022 12:29 AM by SoapAgent (7 files)
starts with SRAM to get directly to 1-3 (main story route)

#637807399158871261 - WL2: Clipping with one tile of space

In 00:11.00 (647 frames), 5 rerecords
Game: Wario Land II (GBC)
Uploaded 2/18/2022 12:11 AM by SoapAgent (7 files)
starts with SRAM to get directly to 2-3 spearman (any% route)

#637807299845550294 - Wario Land II time attack in 00:49 IGT

In 01:07.00 (4001 frames), 15 rerecords
Game: Wario Land II (GBC)
Uploaded 2/17/2022 9:26 PM by SoapAgent (7 files)
~3 second improvement to mugg's TAS from 2011, due to a new clip method being used to get to a room earlier than normal.
Unfortunately, I struggle to find positions for dashjump clips (a problem in both WL2 and WL3). Therefore, what you see beginning in the thumbshredder room is largely a rehashing of mugg's input. Where I could, I tried to break away, and I think I got a couple optimizations out of it but nothing major. The first two (three?) rooms are completely fresh input with no reference to the old TAS.
720p60 encode:

#75167431570737622 - Scribblenauts WIP thru P1-11

In 08:37.63 (31109 frames), 237 rerecords
Uploaded 10/29/2021 4:04 AM by SoapAgent (7 files)

#72724853710699089 - SNES Mr. Tuff: first 3 worlds WIP

In 10:07.34 (30371 frames), 82 rerecords
Game: Mr. Tuff (SNES)
Uploaded 7/11/2021 4:01 AM by SoapAgent (7 files)
Major improvement to first world due to use of a better weapon. Also did second and third world.
Near the end of the third world, I was forced to pick up an inferior weapon ("fire swing"?) to get through a floor of breakable blocks. I took time to replace it with a slightly better weapon later ("beam"?), without which the boss would have been a major timesink. However, this weapon is not as strong as the weapon found in the second level of the first world ("big punch"?). Therefore, there's a possibility that it might be faster to do the last normal level of the third world before getting the "beam", but I don't think I actually lose time by using it in this level.
HD50 encode + input:

#72521398856805276 - SNES Mr. Tuff: first world TAS

In 02:44.91 (8247 frames), 91 rerecords
Game: Mr. Tuff (SNES)
Uploaded 7/2/2021 12:07 AM by SoapAgent (7 files)
Quick TAS of the first world of Mr. Tuff, a cancelled game originally developed by SCi. Frames could probably be shaved in lots and lots of places.
  • Prototype version: 1994-12-05 (region: PAL)
  • Emulator used: BizHawk 1.13.2, BSNES core (syncs in 2.6.2; future work will be done there)

#72118795817165298 - DS Scribblenauts - double jump demonstration + other experiments

6171 - Scribblenauts Collection (USA).bk2
In 04:21.60 (15722 frames), 38 rerecords
Uploaded 6/13/2021 8:58 PM by SoapAgent (7 files)
Experimentation in DS Scribblenauts (using the 6171 - Scribblenauts Collection (U) ROM since it lets you move Maxwell with buttons), using the (Experimental) MelonDS core.
Demonstrates a double jump glitch I discovered, both "buffered" and "unbuffered", but otherwise mostly just messes around.
BIOS cart selection is included in input