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#4574508567409188 - NES Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti - Levels 1 & 2

Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti (Test run).2013-02-13 17.27.20.bkm
In 05:12.70 (18793 frames), 4 rerecords
Uploaded 2/13/2013 11:54 PM by SofaKingAC (see all 2)
Completes the first two levels. Again, ignore the rerecord count.
Shows off a small trick in the second level. Pressing jump on the frame before landing in the water will cause Rick to jump again without visibly submerging. Unfortunately, it won't prevent the loss of speed from walking in the water.
Replaced file that accidentally cut off early in level 2.

#4549092876933108 - Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti - First level test run

Splatterhouse Wanpaku Graffiti (Test run).bkm
In 02:53.12 (10404 frames), 1 rerecords
Uploaded 2/12/2013 8:25 PM by SofaKingAC (see all 2)
The first level of the game.
  • Emulator used: BizHawk 1.4.0
  • Takes no damage.
Ignore the rerecord count, since I used TAStudio rather extensively and it doesn't increment rerecords. The actual rerecord count should be somewhere in the high triple digits.
I tried to entertain a bit during the long waiting periods, but I have a feeling that might have backfired and cost me some time.
Replaced previous file with an improved version.