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#53207937719209865 - NES Troll Burner TAS WIP v2

In 01:17.85 (4679 frames), 2343 rerecords
Game: Troll Burner (NES)
9680 views, 389 downloads
Uploaded 2/13/2019 5:12 AM by TakuikaNinja (2 files)
This is version 2 of a work-in-progress TAS for the NES game Troll Burner. It obsoletes the previous version by 437 frames.
  • Movement optimizations(eg. removed moonwalking)
  • Route change in room 2(MESHUGGAH's movie helped)
  • Faster boss strat(camping in its "defeated" eye)

#53185213778219063 - NES Troll Burner TAS WIP v1

In 01:25.12 (5116 frames), 779 rerecords
Game: Troll Burner (NES)
9663 views, 352 downloads
Uploaded 2/12/2019 4:39 AM by TakuikaNinja (2 files)
This is a work-in-progress TAS of the homebrew NES game Troll Burner.
This run takes damage to save time and exploits developer oversights to finish the game as quickly as possible.