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#39836998611159230 - NES Mega Man CX

Mega Man CX.fm2
In 16:19.00 (58837 frames), 26793 rerecords
Game: Rockman CX ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 6/21/2017 1:16 AM by Ultimatesaber27 (see all 1)
Here is a WIP of a hack of Rockman 2. It lasts until the very beginning of the first dr. light's stage. It ends there because i can't seem to be able to switch quickly to a desired weapon to defeat the enemy that blocks the way.
I then remembered that i took damage twice so far, and i could use "ubercharge" to be invincible for enough time to pass through that enemy. However, there must be a glitch or something, because the weapon doesn't work properly, instead of making Megaman invincible it makes him shoot as if he had his regular weapon equipped.
Maybe it needs to be at full energy, but there would be just not time to fill it, because the only way to recharge it is by taking damage, and if i were to fill all the energy of it, i'd have to go back and take damage 40 times.
So i'd just have to forget completely about it, and focus on how to cycle faster to a good weapon that gets rid of the enemy fast enough for me to pass safely.
Anyway, i came here with this file to ask you two things:
1.-If that thing about the weapons not cycling whenever i want is normal in other games and if there's a way to fix that (you'll notice in this movie in various times that i don't cycle weapons every two frames, there may be instances where i switch it every 3 frames, or even every 6 frames or so). If there is, it would help me a LOT in improving this movie.
2.-potential improvements you detect. Yes, go ahead and watch the movie (if you want) and tell me if you see there's a certain thing that could make the movie faster. Like that jump in frame 47947, climbing the ladder is way faster than doing what i did.
I'm telling you this because i'm going to start all over again from scratch to fix certain things. Like, in frame 613 and 614, you'll notice that mega man walks regularly, losing speed. it's faster to jump and slide, rather than sliding twice. It saves 1 frame. Or the lag starting from frame 1096, and more of it in frame 6767.
Also, in the part where you play as Quickman, in frame 3400, it's better to do a wall kick with a speed boost to reach the next wall faster. There may be other instances where this can be done, i'd have to take a look.
You'll notice that this is an improvement of my old movie found in the NES forums (ignoring the fact that in the first movie i lost time to pick up health upgrades, because at first i wanted to do a 100% run.) It contains improvements in every single boss fight, and lag reduction in some stages here and there.