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#30372306256252707 - Holy Diver WIP - stage 2 room 2 finished

In 02:21.78 (8521 frames), 1375 rerecords
Game: Holy Diver (NES)
6071 views, 890 downloads
Uploaded 4/20/2016 7:22 PM by Vatchern (2 files)
Update on the Holy Diver WIP.
Updated the stage 1 boss fight since posting my last WIP. saved an extra 16 frames for a total of 48 frames saved in stage 1.
Stage 2: Room 1: Saved 5 frames in room one, along with avoided a few hits.
Room 2: saved 21 frames by delaying blizzard spell activation so I only have to destroy one block.
Ahead now by 74 frames over the current published run.

#30327431879555225 - Holy Diver (nes) WIP 1

In 01:35.32 (5729 frames), 1071 rerecords
Game: Holy Diver (NES)
6128 views, 855 downloads
Uploaded 4/18/2016 6:52 PM by Vatchern (2 files)
My first TAS attempt in years.
giving a shot at updating the current Holy Diver TAS.
I improved the first stage through better jumping and shot placement.
Stage 1: Mine (old) = Gain First room: 660 (660) = 0 frames Second room: 1946 (1949) = 3 frames Third room: 2887 (2895) = 8 frames fourth room: 3391 (3402) = 11 frames Boss fight: 4514 (4546) = 32 frames
Most of the saved time in the boss fight was positioning. I would head back towards the entrance for a better shot when I could without wasting any distance to make him back up to the exit at the end of the fight.
Also saved time at the end by switching back and force between twin shot and single. Twin shot will not fire when there are more than 1 shot on screen, while single shot will fire with 2.
Any input / suggestions / questions are always welcome.