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#637846231483212093 - [TAS]cave story mega drive 40:42 by dan_crim(e) doukutsu MD

In 44:34.14 (160242 frames), 159 rerecords
System: Sega Genesis
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Uploaded 4/3/2022 10:52 PM by dan_crim (1 files)
this tool assisted speedrun made with emulator bizhawk 2.8.0 time playing 20 hours spent in 4 days the movie file are attached the YouTube video:( ) i used doukutsu md 2020 before the last update q:why tasing an incompleted game a: when it will be completed q:why cave story md a: cuz no one did my tas will be the world record it's good beginning for laziness (skip cutsinse) also bizhawk has more tool than hourglass bsaid it's collection I'll tas all cave story ports in YouTube channel named cave story tas