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#67832645801050380 - DW3 - Super Fast STR seed farming

DW3 - Seed Farm Demo.bk2
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Uploaded 12/2/2020 8:17 PM by dave_dfwm (see all 4)
Doing a soft reset after saving at a King resets RNG. This means that if you can reliably find a seed-dropping fight shortly after a save, you can repeat this to get many seeds quickly. This is a little more complex though with the RNG - in this video, you'll see that this is a two-cycle, in which I collect STR seeds with two alternating RNG starts.
I show off my Aliahan vault at the end. This method will also be done with Acorns of Life, and I think it is the ONLY way you can beat the game with no hero and multiple goof-offs.
I began this farming while all my characters are far away from leveling up. I believe the change in their stats my change the RNG.

#67794713804453502 - Dragon Warrior 3 - 121 luck in single level up

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Uploaded 12/1/2020 3:17 AM by dave_dfwm (see all 4)
My goof-off hits level 44. He gets 121 in a single level up. If you run from this fight and walk north, you may fight a Garuda and Sky Dragon. that fight will give you over 240 luck in a single level.
I thought this may be hard-coded into the game to give the goof-off insane luck at some level... it happened with my other goof-off at level 47 or 48.

#67409239851473396 - Dragon Warrior 3 strange shopkeeper text

DW3 Broken Shopkeeper Text.bk2
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Uploaded 11/13/2020 6:39 PM by dave_dfwm (see all 4)
Strange text that I've never seen before in the game. I bought an item at the tool shop and gave it to a living character with space in the inventory. The shopkeeper said he would put it in my tool bag.

#66704707583614701 - Zoma protects himself.

Zoma Protect.bk2
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Uploaded 10/13/2020 1:09 AM by dave_dfwm (see all 4)
Zoma protects himself in first round. Quicknes core.