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#72783047910194200 - Smb1 but toad [TAS WIP]

Super Mario Remix - Toad Bros (Beta 90) (Hack)-0 copy 2.fm2
In 05:15.52 (18963 frames), 12394 rerecords
2 comments, 136 downloads
Uploaded 7/13/2021 6:55 PM by entitythegreat (see all 1)
    It's the Super Mario Brothers Super Game!
... But wait... Where's Mario?!?! In this hack of the original Super Mario Brothers (1985) for the Nintendo Entertainment System, Princess Toadstool (Peach) has been rescued, but Bowser remains undefeated! Out of anger, Bowser decides to mix things up a little bit. He's locked Mario away, and it's up to Toad to save him!
Quick note: It may say "started from save", but I couldn't figure out how to record from the begging. So, I slowed the speed to 1.3% (WHICH PRACTICALLY BLEW OFF MY EARDRUMS) and tried dozens of times to start at the very beginning. I am convinced I started recording on the first frame possible. Comment to judges:
    Before you judge this,
I just want to say that there may or may not exist up to two possible improvable spots in this run. Improving them, however, would require a reset of almost all of the run so far. AGAIN. I just don't have that much time or patience to redo so much for the umpteenth time, so if anyone is willing to improve, I encourage you to do so.
    Do take note
that this is my first ever TAS. I make up for the inexperience with knowledge of practically ever single byte of the original game. (meaning I am extremely skilled with super mario brothers 1, (NES) physics) With that out of the way, I hope you enjoy lots of condensed suffering!
    Also, sorry that it's a hack. I only realized you didn't want those when I was typing this description...