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#17442047075395814 - F-Zero GX Verification Movie

Start to All Story Missions Normal And Hard Done.dtm
In 1:06:46.22 (240373 frames), 92 rerecords
Game: F-Zero GX ( GC, see all files )
Uploaded 9/16/2014 11:44 AM by hegyak (see all 1)
This has NOT been tested against 4.0.2-AV.SyncHack
I used Dolphin 4.0-3089 With the Vertex Shader Gen hack to render cutscenes to make this. It should sync against 4.0-4.0-3089 without the Vertex Shader hack enabled. Cheats were used to unlock almost everything the game has to offer. The only items that are not unlocked are the story missions. The Action Replay cheats for that do not work for me.
What's new? Started with clean Memory Cards and did every mission on Normal and Hard. Everything is unlocked.
I used the US version of F-Zero GX. SHA-1 of ISO cc3beb4ae027eae208d4ffb00eaa13674f56d25e
Why cheat?! Looking for a Judge/Judges to weigh in on this badly!
My Onedrive/Skydrive has the WIPs as I made them. Sort by Date Modified for best Results
For those of you asking "What about the Japanese parts?" See here and
  • Dual Core Off
  • Idle Skipping Off
  • JIT Recompiler
  • Framelimit Auto
  • Audio DSP LLE Interpeter (with official DSP files)
  • DSPLLE NOT on separate thread
  • No Dolby Pro Logic II
  • XAudio2 Audio Backend
  • Skip BIOS
  • Memory Card in Slot A
  • Memory Card in Slot B
  • Nothing in SP1
  • Standard GC controller in Port 1
  • OpenGL Backend
  • Force 16:9 (I enabled Widescreen in game)
  • No V-Sync (will crash Dolphin)
  • Scaled EFB Copy
  • Skip EFB Access from CPU (This is necessary)
  • EFB copies RAM
  • Fast Texture Cache
  • External Frame Buffer Disabled
  • Fast Depth Calculation
Cheats: Download the Settings file for F-Zero GX and put the file in Sys\GameSettings
Cheat INI File:
Then run this movie file. If the cheats work properly, then you will get memory cards with everything unlocked.
If you can't get it work, I uploaded the memory cards to my one drive as well.
If you want to get everything to run the verification yourself, go here:
It has the custom version of Dolphin I used, the Movie file, the cheat.ini and the memory cards that are created from the movie file.