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#46250209585433257 - A2600 Yars' Revenge fastest Easter egg

Yar's Revenge (1981) (Atari).bk2
In 00:05.34 (320 frames), 632 rerecords
Game: Yars' Revenge (A2600)
10568 views, 373 downloads
Uploaded 4/5/2018 8:58 PM by hopper (2 files)
Made my submission slightly more entertaining by coming as close to the Destroyer Missile as possible during my final assault on the Qotile.

#45489395971505011 - Yars' Revenge - first round

Yar's Revenge - first stage.bk2
In 00:10.29 (617 frames), 2011 rerecords
Game: Yars' Revenge (A2600)
10396 views, 396 downloads
Uploaded 3/2/2018 2:39 PM by hopper (2 files)
Beats the first round of Game 6, Difficulty A in 393 frames (6.55 seconds), scoring 11206 points. Collects a ton of TRONs during the level transition, and starts the second round as early as possible, on frame 617. May not be improvable unless a way is found to make the Swirl attack sooner.