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#46250209585433257 - A2600 Yars' Revenge fastest Easter egg

Yar's Revenge (1981) (Atari).bk2

Uploaded 4/5/2018 8:58 PM by hopper (2 files)

For Atari 2600

In 00:05.34 (320 frames), 632 rerecords

10540 views, 348 downloads

Made my submission slightly more entertaining by coming as close to the Destroyer Missile as possible during my final assault on the Qotile.

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#45489395971505011 - Yars' Revenge - first round

Yar's Revenge - first stage.bk2

Uploaded 3/2/2018 2:39 PM by hopper (2 files)

For Atari 2600

In 00:10.29 (617 frames), 2011 rerecords

10365 views, 369 downloads

Beats the first round of Game 6, Difficulty A in 393 frames (6.55 seconds), scoring 11206 points. Collects a ton of TRONs during the level transition, and starts the second round as early as possible, on frame 617. May not be improvable unless a way is found to make the Swirl attack sooner.

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