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#40657308676808369 - Queen Cup WIP (Sector Alpha to Mute City 2)

Queen Cup WIP.bk2
In 04:35.75 (16545 frames), 25475 rerecords
Game: F-Zero X ( N64, see all files )
Uploaded 7/27/2017 11:54 PM by jagg2zero (see all 1)
WIP of the first 4 tracks of the Queen Cup.
Sector Alpha will almost certainly need re-doing, at least to optimise the DTDs. Blood Hawk may potentially be faster which will warrant a complete re-do.
Red Canyon 1 and Devil's Forest 2 are both fine as is.
Mute City 2 is basically a very old and unoptimised demo that will need a complete re-do but I (reluctantly) included it anyway. A faster strat or strat variant might also be possible.