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#53836533459305982 - Nebs N' Debs superspeed glitch test


Uploaded 3/13/2019 12:37 PM by juef (1 files)

For Nintendo Entertainment System

In 01:00.80 (3654 frames), 5364 rerecords

9516 views, 329 downloads

Movie file to look into the superspeed glitch. It happens when dashing through enemies and releasing B before the player has completely dashed over the enemies.
In this movie, it happens twice: once around frame 3476, and once around frame 3556. R is released on purpose on frame 3525 to allow the second instance of the glitch.
I have managed to trigger the glitch on multiple other occasions, but not everytime. It would be a huge timesave to be able to trigger it on demand and as soon as possible (e.g. for the very first enemy of the first level, which I haven't been able to do).

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