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#24585969853799990 - Veup run-syncing script


Uploaded 8/4/2015 5:14 AM by morningpee (6 files)

For Tetris DS (DS)

7212 views, 991 downloads

To be paired with this movie. The piece sequence is hard-coded in the script, eliminating the need to brute-force the RNG.

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#24585933702593529 - Modified version of veup's run


Uploaded 8/4/2015 5:11 AM by morningpee (6 files)

For Tetris DS (DS)

In 01:15.58 (4522 frames), 285168 rerecords

7286 views, 1003 downloads

Veup's improved Tetris DS marathon run was made using Desmume 0.9.8. I have removed a great deal of empty inputs at the beginning of the file due to differences in Desmume 0.9.11. Original here. See the forums for a script that syncs this without consideration of RNG.

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#14042055043414122 - Dodge 'Em RAM Watch

Dodge 'em (1980) (Atari).wch

Uploaded 4/16/2014 8:52 AM by morningpee (6 files)

For Dodge 'Em (A2600)

7199 views, 1030 downloads

Made in BizHawk 1.6.1. Covers the X/Y coordinates of the player and both enemies, as well as the countdown times before and after each level.

CoolKirby on 4/18/2014 7:06 AM
I made this into an address list so you can paste it into your submission text using [module:addresses|addrset=61] if you want.

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#13950268867711336 - Google Swiffy Snake

Uploaded 4/12/2014 5:40 AM by morningpee (6 files)

For Toys (Genesis)

In 01:24.51 (5071 frames), 0 rerecords

7219 views, 1053 downloads

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#13947017431866446 - Google Swiffy Snake

Uploaded 4/12/2014 2:09 AM by morningpee (6 files)

For Toys (Genesis)

In 02:58.66 (1072 frames), 0 rerecords

7206 views, 1039 downloads

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#13878917682754752 - Toys (U) [!].gen Watch File

Toys (U) [!].wch

Uploaded 4/9/2014 12:32 AM by morningpee (6 files)

For Toys (Genesis)

7268 views, 977 downloads

Described in more detail here, in the Genesis "Toys" topic.
• Leslie X, Leslie Y: The character is Leslie. When moving left/right, X changes by 2. When moving up/down, Y changes by 2. When moving diagonally, X changes by 2 and Y by 1.
• Action: Holds a unique number for everything Leslie does. When moving, it is 2. When using an item, it is 8. When taking damage, it is 12. When dying, it is 14. When stationary, it is 0. Items cannot be used unless Action = 0.
• Lives: Max lives is 5.
• Power: Max power is 5, decrements each time Leslie is damaged.
• Bowling Balls Left: Starts out at 16 when you get the bowling ball item. If you pick up a special gift box, Bowling Balls Left increases by 24. Max value is 40.
• Camera X Defenders: The same numbers as in the "Active Defenders" list on the pause screen.
• # Cameras Destroyed: Must be equal to total cameras on the level for the exit door to open. There are 6 on the first level, 4 on the second, and 6 on the third.
Most of the game involves interactions with dynamic objects. There are 17, 172-byte regions allocated for these objects. Objects include carousel gift boxes, special gift boxes (the ones on the floor), enemies, enemy shadows (for flying enemies), deployed weapons (e.g., bowling balls currently rolling), and weapon shadows, in the case of airborne weapons. NumObjects: The number of objects currently active. Note that rather than counting up from 0, it counts down from 18. For example, if 4 objects are active, NumObjects will be 14. Each object has 5 values that interest us.
• Type: The current sprite displayed for the object. A particular enemy will have a certain numeric range of sprites, so we can discern the type of enemy from this.
• X, Y: Self-explanatory.
• Countdown: Applicable to helicopters only. Once it spawns, Countdown will decrement from 20, once every 4 frames, and the helicopter will lift off when Countdown = 1.
• Height: Applicable to airborne objects only. Even if the object is flying, if Height <= 9, the object can still be hit by a bowling ball.
Once all active defenders for a particular (elephant-shaped) camera have been destroyed, you can collide with the camera to start a minigame.
• Elephant X, Y: The camera's coordinates.
• Crosshair X/Y: Your crosshair's coordinates. X changes by 2, Y changes by 2.
• Water Left: The elephant goes crazy when it reaches 0. But this never happens unless you're really bad.
• Elephant HP: Has a different initial value for each camera. You beat the camera when when it is 0.
The fourth level (Manhattan Model) is a pacifist Gradius knockoff. Objects are all helicopters in this level.
• Airplane Health: Max value is 20.
• Airplane X: Initial value is 406. When it reaches 28632, the level ends.
• Airplane X Velocity: Max velocity is 3. It gets set to a negative value (usually -4) if you collide with anything.
• Camera X: Initial value is 210. The screen stops scrolling when Camera X = 28415.
• Collision X: Without modification, this number is always equal to Camera X. It scrolls the collision detection map.

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