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#67425364243783312 - Saiyuki Journey West day 2

Saiyuki - Journey West (USA) 8.bk2
In 14:47.80 (53215 frames), 2429 rerecords
Uploaded 11/14/2020 12:05 PM by psx (see all 2) video only shows battle, tas should only go up to post victory screen but *shrug*
im unsure if this is the quickest strategy so i'll try later to see if there is way more faster strategies but 5 turns is the lowest i've been able to get it. i mainly tried to get everyone hit by an aoe spell / transformation and then do clean up post wereform. unsure if transformations or spells can crit, if they can, this whole battle is getting tossed but i haven't gotten a crit with either.
rng seems to be dependant on like everything (which is why i haven't finetuned the first battle removing sharp turns becuse it changes the rng), but usually waiting a frame changes it. missing takes several more frames then getting hit but being really aggressive takes me alot of misses to not game over.
why is sanzo so squishy

#67358434231620235 - Saiyuki Journey West day 1

Saiyuki - Journey West (USA) 5 – Kopi.bk2
In 06:17.66 (22637 frames), 577 rerecords
Uploaded 11/11/2020 11:44 AM by psx (see all 2)
places for improvement: first 6000 frames, since that wasn't redone with the new strat of pressing x right before the text box pops up
possibly some of the text prompt inputs since some of the text boxes seems to take input way earlier
goal for tomorrow: either finish the opening section or start on the first mission.