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#638305803053895382 - All Pizza Missions verification movie

In 46:13.68 (166421 frames), 0 rerecords
Game: Spider-Man 2 ( GC, see all files )
Uploaded 9/17/2023 8:45 PM by Natetheman223 (see all 4)
Intended for dolphin 5.0-17995, this movie will set up the game to unlock maximum swing speed to prepare for a pizza% movie

#638010621220672086 - Test TAS

In 03:45.48 (13529 frames), 195 rerecords
Game: Spider-Man 2 ( GC, see all files )
Uploaded 10/11/2022 5:15 AM by Lobsterzelda (see all 84)
Test TAS.

#74044280456702343 - spidey 2 2.0, uses end cutscene

In 49:03.43 (529294 frames), 17376 rerecords
Game: Spider-Man 2 ( GC, see all files )
Uploaded 9/8/2021 2:07 PM by Natetheman223 (see all 4)
My second TAS of Spider-Man 2 for the gamecube, using the end cutscene and then playing the credits.

#72008008450977350 - tobey2_with_end_cutscene

In 51:40.75 (557581 frames), 8410 rerecords
Game: Spider-Man 2 ( GC, see all files )
Uploaded 6/8/2021 9:13 PM by Natetheman223 (see all 4)
Plays the end cutscene and then allows the credits to roll.

#69000339204726286 - Green Goblin Any% Verification

In 01:15.95 (13659 frames), 57 rerecords
Game: Spider-Man 2 ( GC, see all files )
Uploaded 1/24/2021 10:23 AM by Natetheman223 (see all 4)
This movie will create a save file for Spider-Man (GC) to enable playing as Green Goblin.
You will need a formatted memory card and no Spider-Man save files on it.
It starts by starting the game on Hero difficulty, then immediately quitting out of the first level. It then goes to specials and puts in the "IMIARMAS" cheat to unlock all levels ("Sam Raimi" backwards, the director of the movie this game is based on). This unlocks all the levels. Then the TAS starts the cutscene that plays when you complete the game - and since the difficulty was set to Hero, this unlocks Green Goblin. The TAS goes to the secret store and enables Green Goblin, then quits to the main menu and saves the game.