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#57681561089515149 - Batman Forever (SNES, USA)

Batman Forever (SNES, USA) - Any%.bk2
In 28:32.05 (102892 frames), 735 rerecords
Game: Batman Forever ( SNES, see all files )
Uploaded 9/2/2019 4:31 PM by thebecwar (see all 1)
Batman Forever Any% TAS.
Not sure whether I'm going to do the rest of the work needed to submit this. The game is incredibly inconsistent, and even in frame advance is frustrating. I'm also not sure whether the load times make the game less interesting to watch.
By SDA timing (end of Robin's baton twirl in the first stage till the fade out starts after defeating Riddler) this is 27:46 (+/- a second) which is about 5 minutes faster than the current record at
This gist contains a lua script that dumps player 1's current count of enemies, pickups and secrets. I also wrote a macro pad utility for BizHawk to make entering the horrible inputs that the game requires easier.
Link to encoded: