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#32323871018795766 - Inversion v8

In 05:18.90 (19166 frames), 30507 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
8409 views, 851 downloads
Uploaded 7/17/2016 4:43 PM by MESHUGGAH (11 files)
Final movie. Forgot how many improvements since last one.
edit: 9 frames saved on world 3 stage 3. Submission text includes this.

#32260516525100337 - Inversion v7

In 05:19.05 (19175 frames), 30246 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
8549 views, 898 downloads
Uploaded 7/14/2016 8:15 PM by MESHUGGAH (11 files)
  • 1 frame saved on W1S3 (again)
  • 68 frames saved on W4S3 by collecting top ones first
  • 6 frames saved on W4S5 on the lowest row I guess
jhztfs is a damn good TASer and I'm blind as fuck.

#32256640591707611 - Inversion v6

In 05:20.30 (19250 frames), 29408 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
5549 views, 845 downloads
Uploaded 7/14/2016 4:03 PM by jhztfs (5 files)
  • 5 frames saved on 3-1 by falling right instead of left.
  • 5 frames saved on 3-2 near the end.
  • 183 frames saved on 5-5, probably not optimized but I have to sleep now.
Extra-6 duo glitches can be used on 5-4 too, but they are unuseful there.

#32252492319341586 - Inversion v5

In 05:23.51 (19443 frames), 28869 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
8495 views, 916 downloads
Uploaded 7/14/2016 11:34 AM by MESHUGGAH (11 files)
Differences from the submitted movie:
  • 1 frame saved on W1S3 by using dimension switch to bump earlier to get better vertical position
  • 11 frames saved at W1 duo stage
  • 36 frames saved on W4S2 by avoiding the bullet shooter better
  • 5 frames saved at final stage by using a glitch to double jump/air jump... the trick is triggered by landing with satoshi on the moving platform which allows to jump with the clone too.

#32235975719022400 - Inversion v4 (reupload)

In 05:24.14 (19481 frames), 28366 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
8562 views, 862 downloads
Uploaded 7/13/2016 5:43 PM by MESHUGGAH (11 files)
Saved 1 frame on W1 duo stage as stated in previous usermovie description. Probably final one.
(uploaded wrong file earlier)
edit: differences from the submitted movie:
  • 11 frames saved at W1 duo stage
  • 5 frames saved at final stage by using a glitch to double jump/air jump... the trick is triggered by landing with satoshi on the moving platform which allows to jump with the clone too.
edit2: new wip coming soon, 1 frame saved on W1S3 so far. edit3: on new wip, 36 frames saved on W4S2 so far.

#32232225901547582 - Inversion world 1

In 00:43.71 (2627 frames), 28168 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
5653 views, 824 downloads
Uploaded 7/13/2016 1:40 PM by jhztfs (5 files)
Duo stages can be improved using the "both walking right" trick, which seems to be the only duo trick that works in main stages. There might be a better route.
Edit: Apparently, most of the tricks actually only work in the last stage of extra world.

#32211538459515849 - Inversion "Extra world" v9

In 01:16.44 (4594 frames), 17263 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
8612 views, 875 downloads
Uploaded 7/12/2016 3:18 PM by MESHUGGAH (11 files)
Another 2 frames saved. Probably final one.

#32211117302659939 - Inversion totally wrong warp

In 01:16.29 (4585 frames), 17494 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
8505 views, 1035 downloads
Uploaded 7/12/2016 2:51 PM by MESHUGGAH (11 files)
Wrong warp @3999th frame, skips air to touch the deadly spikeball. Satoshi loves to die for no reason.

#32210532858537036 - Another failed attempt at stage 6

In 01:16.29 (4585 frames), 17450 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
5662 views, 839 downloads
Uploaded 7/12/2016 2:13 PM by jhztfs (5 files)
I didn't fully understand how wrong warp works, but I tried to send the right side Satoshi directly above after reaching antigravity, possibly ending the input much faster. Unfortunately, the moving platform didn't work.
Instead, I found another trick. In addition to only one Satoshi jumping, holding L+R makes both Satoshi walk right.
Also, an unuseful glitch: you can collect a pickup without making it disappear. It isn't demonstrated in this WIP; the snapshot below was taken from another attempt.

#32207723842036214 - Inversion "Extra world" v8

In 01:16.47 (4596 frames), 16948 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
8550 views, 896 downloads
Uploaded 7/12/2016 11:11 AM by MESHUGGAH (11 files)
Saved another 4 frames on the final stage by using another LR jump. Crazy.

#32207582369580742 - Inversion "Extra world" v7

In 01:16.54 (4600 frames), 16881 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
8512 views, 886 downloads
Uploaded 7/12/2016 11:02 AM by MESHUGGAH (11 files)
8 frames improved after tedious shitstorming. Improvement starts from ~4435
Tried to abuse the screen wrap trick but it would be longer because we need to switch the gravity to exit the door.
Probably improvable as I've used the LR jump.

#32198642138492160 - Some more glitches

In 01:14.16 (4457 frames), 17471 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
5599 views, 846 downloads
Uploaded 7/12/2016 1:22 AM by jhztfs (5 files)

#32190458606669414 - Inversion "Extra world" v4

In 01:16.67 (4608 frames), 16694 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
8603 views, 839 downloads
Uploaded 7/11/2016 4:31 PM by MESHUGGAH (11 files)
1 frame saved on last stage, "buried" to the ground later the right side satoshi (satoshi is the main character).
Two tricks and 1 useless fact discovered:
  • 1. You can switch dimension and jump off from arrow walls in the same frame (doesn't saves time in the "extra" tas)
  • 2. You can make an asynchronous jump by pressing LR, this way the right side satoshi will only jump (and moves to right and then goes left)
  • 3. pressing DLR and ULR crashes pauses the game.

#32183071323127486 - Inversion "Extra world" v3

In 01:16.69 (4609 frames), 16420 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
5665 views, 817 downloads
Uploaded 7/11/2016 8:32 AM by jhztfs (5 files)
6 more frames saved from stage 6.

#32180522966934127 - Inversion "Extra world"

In 01:16.79 (4615 frames), 16220 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
8569 views, 877 downloads
Uploaded 7/11/2016 5:47 AM by MESHUGGAH (11 files)
I updated the published movie with jhztfs's level 2 route with better optimization and his final level route.
edit: 9 frames faster than jhztfs original submission.

#9028537430936462 - Inversion WIP World 0

In 00:50.11 (3012 frames), 3957 rerecords
Game: Inversion (NES)
16697 views, 683 downloads
Uploaded 9/2/2013 2:01 PM by MESHUGGAH (11 files)
Finishes the 0th (starting) world of intense (hardest) difficulty.
Couldn't find any TASing related works on this game. It's a "new" homebrew, can be downloaded here:
Some platforms are available in white "dimension" while the opposite ones in "black" dimension. There's a trick to fall through blocks from a spring but didn't save time in these levels.