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#53212905110036955 - Neo Turf Master Japan Maximum Score WIP#1

In 02:03.76 (7325 frames), 201 rerecords
Game: Neo Turf Masters (Arcade)
9869 views, 393 downloads
Uploaded 2/13/2019 10:35 AM by Mihoru (1 files)

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  • Dip Switch's Not found Neogeo Bios Japan.

#48759722626755790 - turf masters all courses

In 39:08.31 (140899 frames), 41282 rerecords
Game: Neo Turf Masters (Arcade)
10819 views, 465 downloads
Uploaded 7/27/2018 9:22 PM by mamuuuut (2 files)
i'm not ok with the usa course, i try to do it in 2nd,3st and last position but not in 1st
here a state cause a desync can happend in hole 11, just lunch it after launch the movie :
set fba to japan bios v.6

#13029829003554252 - Neo turf masters MVS (japan race)

In 19:39.75 (70785 frames), 2699 rerecords
Game: Neo Turf Masters (Arcade)
6612 views, 1061 downloads
Uploaded 3/1/2014 6:48 PM by mamuuuut (2 files)
sorry for my bad english
my first experimentation of TAS
well...tas is a very big word since i only have skill to use save/load many times but don't know how to use any tool like box apparence etc
try to make the run as entertaining as possible by shot in uncommon place...
i'd like to redo the two par5 that not albatross but don't know how to use tools correctly, like record at any point...