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#51532151957228695 - Jill of the Jungle in 6:20.11 (DOSBox)

In 06:20.11 (26608 frames), 2069 rerecords
Uploaded 11/29/2018 5:56 PM by slamo (see all 61)
Here's a new run of Jill of the Jungle using DOSBox through libTAS. This run cuts 20.74 seconds from the published run thanks to a new save glitch and other minor optimizations. All the information you need to sync this should be contained in the ltm.


! Version info: 

libTAS version: 1.3.2

! Annotation info: 

{{OS: Ubuntu 18.04 amd64 with Linux kernel 4.13.0-36-generic, libTAS v1.3.2.

This run uses DOSBox 0.74 (package version 0.74-4.3). The path used was "/usr/bin/dosbox", or run it from wherever it's installed. The command line options should be "-conf /path/to/dosbox-jill.conf". dosbox-jill.conf is packaged within the ltm file - open it as a tar.gz to find it.

The option "Runtime -> Backup savefiles in memory" must be UNCHECKED!

MD5 of the files in the mounted folder:

935feb3188acfd88b8d1d8a1501ef07d  JILL.DMA
2c5c9ed55523d8e891eda0e7c0c0554d  INTRO.JN1
5bf1327ba473581afb0c057fefa9e755  ORDER.DOC
2b69a1dc8517479379d40f56dc8455d3  ORDER-UK.DOC
b111409825c5f7493002a92d6451d7e5  50.JN1
0199d446580d62905259fd269e957c92  JUPITER.DDT
5531c09594e0eb527364577fe2e9ca8f  ZEPPELIN.DDT
48becd4b6de37a164271edd3553a6fb3  IT.DDT
ceeb9fc45bfadb561cf4a3f4fa169220  JN1DEMO.MAC
0a0357f15c7c635f191b50f1029f5ff4  EPIC.ANS
ae866a7dc7432d6e23ea7af64625edb9  SEVEN.DDT
df699643ea364a766ed923e2581e101a  SPIDERS.DDT
9db424a73f084b72930e005061805ea7  OMINOUS.DDT
3ed84bd388e6532b21943adf26ca8fe4  1.DEM
c1acca2a8cae5ae42f3a5fa04765bfa0  6.JN1
5283e55eae83a18bec120d313c640090  CATALOG.EXE
67dea57c6fd07f290f4a35d1b0b295f9  VENDOR.DOC
d51f907e2aee181831178e91f09b4483  JILL1.SHA
ca36fb02fb4efd7c8c9c4d30fa61f17d  0.DEM
ed56eb69ffe39fe20b8f78e0d01b66f7  LICENSE.DOC
e2a63256e36cd252df5ddbb66b9dfbee  2.DEM
de1b73c7eb6a078f6300213f2387a04e  SYSOP.DOC
6b9cd1653f06b44d91e7b3174c30bb6a  2.JN1
0557901dcb4145ba76c34069db058772  JILL1.CFG
11f7148f7bc06d8f84ff793553f5f60c  AUDIO.EPC
d9eb07a840c89f166ad0da50121ce10e  1.JN1
68160ce977f7e0dca3e7a99fb87e7064  9.JN1
6e7f586a075410a3b86ea3413c98629d  END1.MAC
28ec5663a1c66c21ef44614cc0177fac  JILL.EXE
e011e3fa2052665eb1f2b247bf9b954a  4.JN1
e6e70d37adbeb1a91b09c3f278384dbe  HELPME.EXE
6b89fc66ca2f74d5f49cef5ebfec2a3f  FUNKY.DDT
60a6269ccc479aa56b8883b5612ab0d4  file_id.diz
9bf36070657df67465e4faa2d5e11533  3.JN1
2d948af88ee3fb9c1cce318403425a12  HELPME.DOC
c4c5889969e3ac5d3713a96a9613d549  MAP.JN1
e71261b2d2e7b97963c3147a26f0dcea  JILL1.VCL
9284ba2aed53b1343f8535dd21c04c4b  DAN.DDT
498bca3d53afcdf411717dc4a39284ed  STEALTH.DDT

The folder path should be "~/jill1/". If you have the folder elsewhere and don't want to move it, edit the autoexec portion of dosbox-jill.conf to have it mount from a different location.

This should sync with or without existing save files, although this run will overwrite the save in slot 1. It's unknown if different JILL1.CFG files will cause a desync.

#17591621256337178 - Jill of the Jungle Episode 1 - WIP 1

In 02:17.63 (8258 frames), 1008 rerecords
Uploaded 9/23/2014 5:24 AM by slamo (see all 61)
Levels 1, 2, 7, and 6 done.