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#38869943536605368 - SMS Batman Returns TAS with pause glitchv2

In 01:35.32 (5712 frames), 7781 rerecords
Game: Batman Returns (SMS)
7890 views, 894 downloads
Uploaded 5/8/2017 12:01 PM by MESHUGGAH (3 files)
Just a bit optimized TAS up to ~1200th frame.
Lag frames are removable by limiting number of sprites, overriding sound channel, limiting the number of moving sprites simultanously.
Pick an X pos address 137f 1511
151A 1B50
edit: something 13 frames improved.

#38869059494788114 - SMS Batman Returns TAS with pause glitch

In 01:35.32 (5712 frames), 5949 rerecords
Game: Batman Returns (SMS)
7885 views, 871 downloads
Uploaded 5/8/2017 11:04 AM by MESHUGGAH (3 files)
Added pauses to the published TAS where it impacts the game. Saves 175 frames compared to the
Desyncs around frame 2000 I guess because of lagginess of the game.

#38852237008685032 - SMS Batman Returns pause glitch

smsBatman Returns (E)-pauseglitch.bk2
In 00:15.00 (899 frames), 236 rerecords
Game: Batman Returns (SMS)
7953 views, 841 downloads
Uploaded 5/7/2017 4:53 PM by MESHUGGAH (3 files)
You can spam the pause button fter the 59th frame to effectively reduce the waiting time 1 frame per 2 frames of pressing it (P, empty), even on lag frames.
Seems super fishy. Also there's a TAS of this game.