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#41174839326530219 - Lynx Block-out menu impr

In 03:14.06 (11624 frames), 11418 rerecords
Game: Blockout (Lynx)
6652 views, 842 downloads
Uploaded 8/20/2017 7:16 AM by MESHUGGAH (1 files)
Optimized menu movements of [2975] Lynx Blockout by dwangoAC in 03:14.81.
The movie will desyncs, not sure if because differnt puzzle blocks or the rare glitch dwangoAC abuses (the time of control of next puzzle to A / flip as soon as possible details in submission text)

#25951091922111736 - Blockout 5x5x5 maximum score run

In 00:48.36 (2897 frames), 3388 rerecords
Game: Blockout (Lynx)
13865 views, 820 downloads
Uploaded 10/4/2015 4:43 PM by dwangoAC (1 files)
This movie file demonstrates a hardest-possible scenario in the game Blockout and demonstrates clearing a 5x5x5 pit on the highest difficulty.