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#34155943071866605 - Drake & Josh Any% WIP 3

Drake & Josh (USA) (En,Fr) Any%.bk2
In 18:41.56 (66988 frames), 24451 rerecords
Game: Drake & Josh (GBA)
13117 views, 511 downloads
Uploaded 10/8/2016 4:55 AM by jlun2 (6 files)
Made using BizHawk 1.11.6
Goes up to the last 3 projectors.

#33901873986153898 - Drake & Josh Any% WIP 2

Drake & Josh (USA) (En,Fr) Any%.bk2
In 13:15.22 (47497 frames), 18666 rerecords
Game: Drake & Josh (GBA)
13165 views, 540 downloads
Uploaded 9/26/2016 6:18 PM by jlun2 (6 files)
Got through both Sheep herder and food fight. Luck for the latter was terrible, and is completely possible to get better, but I have no idea how to approach it.
Done on BizHawk 1.11.7

#32934915724565763 - Drake & Josh 100% route

Drake & Josh 100%.bk2
In 59:24.10 (212875 frames), 4101 rerecords
Game: Drake & Josh (GBA)
13399 views, 551 downloads
Uploaded 8/14/2016 5:10 AM by jlun2 (6 files)
Saved 30,000+ frames due to new tricks and discoveries.
This time, the items even display correctly:
Except for the passwords at the last several stages; those are all invalid, oddly enough.

#32711915434188819 - Drake & Josh Any% WIP 1

Drake & Josh (USA) (En,Fr) Any%.bk2
In 07:02.80 (25253 frames), 8630 rerecords
Game: Drake & Josh (GBA)
13368 views, 505 downloads
Uploaded 8/4/2016 4:08 AM by jlun2 (6 files)
I found a way to break Josh's first segment by pushing a crate into the door. LOL

#32505686992981034 -

Drake & Josh (USA) (En,Fr).bk2
In 1:08:02.91 (243862 frames), 2015 rerecords
Game: Drake & Josh (GBA)
13420 views, 516 downloads
Uploaded 7/25/2016 9:14 PM by jlun2 (6 files)
100% Route for Drake & Josh. During your noclip state, you cannot grab any objects, and the only things that you can interact with are lasers, janitors, fangirls, bullies, puddles, cameras, and candy corn.
You cannot grab guitar picks (the diamond things) nor sheets of homework during that state, so you'll notice me either getting hit by bullies/janitors/fangirls or retry room.
There's probably a better route, but this is what I got. Oh, and once again, this is barely optimized, since I just wanted to quickly make a route using the glitch.
Btw: The last guitar gets glitched, and will not be handed to you despite getting all 20 picks.
Edit: Pointer to x is at address 0x00F678 in EWRAM. Offset it by 0xE4 after subtracting 0x02000000

#32497915734308465 -

Drake & Josh any.bk2
In 35:27.06 (127044 frames), 919 rerecords
Game: Drake & Josh (GBA)
13427 views, 522 downloads
Uploaded 7/25/2016 12:50 PM by jlun2 (6 files)
Route for Any%; the main glitch used is spamming "A" after getting stunned to allow walking through objects. :)
Don't judge me for the game please.
Also, this is very sub-optimal; just placing it here for safekeeping.