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#38826074648611171 - A7800 Water Ski pause glitch

MESHUGGAH-Water Ski-7800_5680_pauseglitchv24.bk2
In 01:39.18 (5943 frames), 5102 rerecords
Game: Water Ski ( A7800, see all files )
Uploaded 5/6/2017 12:37 PM by MESHUGGAH (see all 292)
This movie demonstrates the pause glitch.
In this game, you need to wait at least 60 frames to land and jump on a ramp again. Not 100% sure what determines the additional wait time.
To get the highscore as fast as possible, you can hold the pause after getting off to make sure you can jump on a ramp again after 60 frames.
This seems to be faster than slowing down because of the undeterminted random waiting time sometimes after the 60 frames.

#38826030913029649 - A7800 Water Ski full

MESHUGGAH-Water Ski-7800_5680--FINAL1.bk2
In 01:39.18 (5943 frames), 4723 rerecords
Game: Water Ski ( A7800, see all files )
Uploaded 5/6/2017 12:34 PM by MESHUGGAH (see all 292)