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#67253140217251265 - King of Swing any% Diddy Engine 2 improvement

Diddy mode V2.bk2.bk2.bk2.bk2.bk2.bk2
In 16:38.79 (59655 frames), 63276 rerecords
Uploaded 11/6/2020 5:56 PM by g0goTBC (see all 1)
Saved 34 frames after ThunderAxe noticed that the room was slower than PiePusher's TAS. Managed to barely beat the cycle of the first spike, which made the room faster than what PiePusher did.

#45319532279038868 - GBA DK: King of Swing - speed hud v1.1

DKKoS speed hud v1.1.lua
Uploaded 2/22/2018 11:03 PM by ThunderAxe31 (see all 109)
Fixed a bug that sometimes made the speed value slightly incorrect.
Also, the script now distinguishes between maximum jumping speed and maximum falling speed.

#45319368046140001 - GBA DK: King of Swing - average speed hud v1.2

DKKoS average speed hud v1.2.lua
Uploaded 2/22/2018 10:52 PM by ThunderAxe31 (see all 109)
Script that calculates the average speed amount, starting from the moment it's launched. Every time you want to do a new measurement, you must restart script execution.

#45177643698114167 - KoS 100%

100% proof.bk2
In 31:22.27 (112423 frames), 15 rerecords
Uploaded 2/16/2018 1:41 PM by PiePusher11 (see all 1)
SRAM verification for Diddy run