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#68497984334983372 - A2600 Grand Prix "All Levels"

In 04:09.00 (14921 frames), 1298 rerecords
Game: Grand Prix (A2600)
1174 views, 229 downloads
Uploaded 1/1/2021 7:25 PM by lordlouckster (2 files)
New route in game 2, doesn't save any time, added one frame after races (the final time must be visible for two frames to tell it as the final time)

#68468044303341611 - A2600 Grand Prix "All Levels"

In 04:08.95 (14918 frames), 1107 rerecords
Game: Grand Prix (A2600)
1240 views, 236 downloads
Uploaded 12/31/2020 11:03 AM by lordlouckster (2 files)
Games 1-3 made by lordlouckster, game 4 made by ViGadeomes. The braking in game 3 is not particularly well optimized. Temp encode: