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#20251932498581920 - NES Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon (U) rchokler - Level 2-3 WIP.fm2
In 12:11.54 (43965 frames), 15675 rerecords
Game: Lethal Weapon (NES)
11135 views, 752 downloads
Uploaded 1/21/2015 12:48 AM by rchokler (6 files)
Level 2-3 now complete. Note that I intentionally did the third bomb slightly slower. That way it didn't explode and I had enough health to beat the bosses in the fastest time possible. Note that the fastest boss fights rely on manipulating their behavior so that ideally you can kick as frequently as the game allows for the whole fight without ever missing.

#20229235028176387 - NES Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon (U) rchokler - Level 2-2 WIP.fm2
In 09:59.56 (36033 frames), 13250 rerecords
Game: Lethal Weapon (NES)
11131 views, 707 downloads
Uploaded 1/20/2015 12:16 AM by rchokler (6 files)
Level 2-2 is now complete. So far it looks quite fast, under 10 minutes. If you guys have any suggestions for additional optimization so far, feel free to post them in the forums page created by goofydylan8 in 2012.

#20219707978295867 - NES Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon (U) rchokler - Level 2-1 WIP.fm2
In 07:39.27 (27602 frames), 10147 rerecords
Game: Lethal Weapon (NES)
11077 views, 702 downloads
Uploaded 1/19/2015 1:58 PM by rchokler (6 files)
This completes all stages up to 2-1. Notice that there are a few moments where is looks like a character switch is needed to yield faster results. Caution must be careful as each character has an advantage over the other some skill. Specifically, Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) can jump higher and reach more places from the ground, while Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover) can pick up and toss boxes that will kill enemies instantly. Level 2-1 was the hardest level to run so far since I had find when the character switches are worth it.

#20164733983551806 - NES Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon (U) rchokler - Level 1-3 WIP.fm2
In 05:50.92 (21090 frames), 7346 rerecords
Game: Lethal Weapon (NES)
11099 views, 706 downloads
Uploaded 1/17/2015 2:33 AM by rchokler (6 files)
Level 1-3 is now completed. goofydylan8 told me that he is not interested in continuing this TAS from the small fragment of input he once put but looks forward to me finishing the game.

#20131166350021066 - NES Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon (U) rchokler - goofydylan8 Level 1-2 WIP.fm2
In 03:51.31 (13902 frames), 3827 rerecords
Game: Lethal Weapon (NES)
11050 views, 668 downloads
Uploaded 1/15/2015 2:16 PM by rchokler (6 files)
The first two stages of level 1 are now beat. For now I am still including goofydylan8 in the file name in case he chooses to contribute additional parts of the TAS or to optimize my work where possible. That would then imply a coauthored submission.
Based on the results so far, I am even more convinced that a well made TAS for this game should easily land in the Moons tier.

#20112191051370022 - Lethal Weapon

Lethal Weapon (U) rchokler - goofydylan8 WIP.fm2
In 02:03.26 (7408 frames), 1026 rerecords
Game: Lethal Weapon (NES)
11101 views, 674 downloads
Uploaded 1/14/2015 5:45 PM by rchokler (6 files)
This is a TAS that completes level 1-1 of the game. The input until a score of 48000 points is due to goofydylan8. I filled in the rest.