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#41175305288979821 - Lynx Electrocop WIP7

In 00:35.13 (2104 frames), 4093 rerecords
Game: Electrocop ( Lynx, see all files )
Uploaded 8/20/2017 7:46 AM by MESHUGGAH (see all 292)
So many things so far
  • skipping 3 intro as fast as possible
  • pausing the game before loading level 1 (and disabling music to save 2 frames at least which only possible while pausing) and unpausing to save many frames
  • pausing (nearly) every 12 frames and unpausing without losing time but saving in-game time! final TAS will incude that flashy pausing stuff because I'm aiming for lowest in-game time
  • if you go in to a console (door, exit use etc), you can press a button within 4 frames which will be frozen in terms of pressing any other buttons while the console comes up will replay that specific button's action (which I use to get closer to the next door)
  • since the passwords of each door are always the same, the TAS will go each level's doors and input their password instead of brute forcing (generic way of completing levels)
  • menu movement might be not 100% optimized (no debugger in bizhawk, didnt found best ram address so far)