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#30265014194561713 - Danny Phantom - The Ultimate Enemy WIP 3

Danny Phantom - The Ultimate Enemy (Europe) (En,De,Es).tasproj.bk2
In 12:33.99 (45034 frames), 0 rerecords
13490 views, 559 downloads
Uploaded 4/15/2016 11:25 PM by DarkLuigi (3 files)
Restarted the project to use the glitches I discovered.
There's less progress done on this than WIP 2. Used the Flying Glitch on the Boss Fights to get a easy head start of the fight.
(Had some errors and difficulties with the Emulator and the file, the Rerecord Count is Actually at 1320. Still trying to fix this.)

#30108430266802725 - Danny Phantom - The Ultimate Enemy WIP 2

Danny Phantom - The Ultimate Enemy (E) (Rising Sun).tasproj.bk2
In 19:27.08 (69707 frames), 604 rerecords
13441 views, 541 downloads
Uploaded 4/8/2016 10:10 PM by DarkLuigi (3 files)
Discovered some hitbox exploits,1-Frame Hit Combos,and a Starting Glitch on the Boss Battles during this part.
It worked the most on the two Bosses during this part as well.
I may need to redo the first couple of stages to decrease the total frame amount.

#30041590508599085 - GBA Danny Phantom - The Ultimate Enemy (E)(Rising Sun) WIP 1

DP: The Ultimate Enemy 1 WIP.bk2
In 06:15.12 (22405 frames), 604 rerecords
13385 views, 536 downloads
Uploaded 4/5/2016 9:55 PM by DarkLuigi (3 files)
Trying to Speed run a Game I had years ago. May even do 100% with the Passwords to get at the end of Story Mode to battle the Secret Boss and the do the Boss Rush Mode. (That also contain Bosses you couldn't face in Story Mode)
Next is Part 2 Showcasing the next World and next two Bosses.
This Part will Consist of...
-High Combos that normally can't be pulled off
-Frame Perfect Attacks/Combos