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#42656154991025618 - Narnia RAM watch 1

This is my RAM watch for Narnia as of 10/25/17. I hope others find this useful, and if anyone finds any other useful addresses, let me know.

#42570076708006142 - Narnia LWW Sloppy Test TAS in 44:17

In 44:17.29 (158713 frames), 536 rerecords
Uploaded 10/22/2017 3:18 AM by Ready_Steady_Yeti (see all 14)
The full name of the game is GBA The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but I didn't write the full name since it's so long.
Not only is the game's name extremely long, but so is the game itself.
Well... I want to TAS this game, but as you can see it's so damn hard and complex, especially with the RNG.
So, this TAS is barely even a TAS at all. It's not meant to be optimal, and even makes a few minor mistakes here and there. This TAS also only manipulates RNG to a good-enough kind of extent, and is by no means near optimal. Overall, though, the point of this is to show what speedrunning potential this game has, and shows off the route, which I've been working on for over a year now, and a few glitches and tricks that I found that save time.
Idk if I want to upload this to YouTube, since it's so long...
With the walking-through-crystals glitch, there are a lot more places in the game that can happen, but a lot are actually very difficult to do and some I don't really remember yet. When the optimal TAS is created, I'll be sure to test every crystal, rock, and snowpile in the game to make sure there isn't a place I can sneak or clip between them.
With the lighter I went out of my way to collect in Chapter 3, I collected it because I need to use one lighter in Chapter 5, but later, in Chapter 4, I actually saw one of the other AI (the siblings of Peter) go and collect another lighter that was out of the way while I was doing the route normally as if not to collect it. This certainly suggests a change in route for the mandatory lighter.
This test TAS is over three minutes faster than any of my actual speedruns of the game, by the way.
This is a very good game, and it'll make quite a TAS for sure. It's an overworld action game with great emphasis on the storyline (a lot of text to be skipped). The game in a speedrunning sense mostly consists of dodging enemies that would be in your way and attack you and stuff in order to get to the goals of the level as quickly as possible. However, the game will encounter a few boss battles, and some instances where you have to battle multiple enemies. Sometimes, I'm guessing we may have to manipulate enemy RNG to our advantage to quite a massive extent, since I've seen enemies clip me through rocks and stuff when hitting me, which can save time sometimes since I can't otherwise do that. The game, as mentioned above, will also involve some manipulation of your partners' AIs.
Other than just the RNG manipulation (despite that it will a MAJOR portion of this game's TASing process), the game also features a great amount of adventure and exploration, and the environments are quite different from one another. It also features pretty much all of the LWW storyline (which the viewer won't see much of since text is skipped very quickly). Routing is also quite mandatory for the run, and some glitches and tricks that do not have to do with enemies even are impressive.
I hope some people start to take interest in this game, because I don't feel I can do this project alone.