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#41771516543787906 - Frozen: Olaf's Quest (first 3 levels)

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Uploaded 9/16/2017 4:11 AM by Ready_Steady_Yeti (see all 14)
This game has recently caught my attention. I'm gonna really love TASing this. It's actually better than thought it'd be.
The game is based on Disney's very successful 2013 3-D film Frozen. Olaf the Snowman, a tertiary character in the film, is the main character in this game, taking with him his gentle humor. Despite being based on the film, it's not really a very story-typed game AT ALL like a lot of other franchise-based games. Heck, Elsa and Anna, the two main characters of the film, never even are seen anywhere in the game! Yeah, this game is pretty down-to-earth and they want you to actually do stuff, which I like a lot about it.
Aside from just Olaf's humor, he also can do a lot of weird tricks in the game. I quite literally throw Olaf's head around the levels to save time. I haven't found any glitches yet, but I can already tell you this will be loads of fun and entertainment (at least for me). I hope it is for you too!
100% is the best category for this game. In 100%, you have to collect every single item in all 60 of the levels. In the end, you will have unlocked 30 clothing items, 1 for every 2 levels. (The clothing items will never need to be used in any speedruns or TASes, since all they do is change how he looks)
I'm doing both 100% and any% at the same time, but any% is pretty boring, since all you do is go through the levels without doing much else at all most of the time. 100% is what you really want to watch.