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#33242301617559822 - Hitman 2: 47 is now slightly quicker

In 03:48.08 (41018 frames), 1644 rerecords
Uploaded 8/28/2016 1:24 AM by Lars_Hendrick (see all 48)
After tons of retries, I managed to get Anathem as fast as possible, at least on PRO playing on GCN. I actually go so fast during the middle of the level that the RTA strat barely works and requires me to wait for a few frames for the lawyer to arrive in the correct spot, so I can get a key. If I rush out any faster, I'll have to run to his corpse, which wastes time. This is still a few seconds slower than the RTA due to the fact that RTA plays on Normal, so he gets access to a silenced pistol, instead of needing to kill the first guard with the fiber wire.
Also, I saved 87 frames on the tutorial thanks to a trick pointed out to me by Cooljay.

#33041043673713720 - PunchGuy 2: Noisy Killer wip 2

In 08:05.32 (87272 frames), 698 rerecords
Uploaded 8/18/2016 11:52 PM by Lars_Hendrick (see all 48)
Has some speed issues with the steps on Petersburg, I need to redo it to get a more optimal time. Also, not going for the AK.
The Kirov meeting is actually a few seconds faster than WR, even with the time wasted on the pickups, so that turned out well.

#32972125558651113 - KillerDude 2: Loud Murderer WIP 1

In 03:26.23 (37089 frames), 463 rerecords
Uploaded 8/15/2016 9:23 PM by Lars_Hendrick (see all 48)
Agent 47 hates everyone. Except for this one priest dude. Everyone else can suck it.
This is Any% since the Silent Running bug isn't present in the GCN version due to control mapping. Therefore, Pro/Silent Assassain would be super slow and a chore to both TAS and watch. Any% Pro is much faster paced and has more AI manipulation.
Tutorial - It's an autoscroller. Nothing to say here.
Anathem - The RTA WR uses NG+, giving you a silenced 9mm to kill the first guard with instead of having to choke him out. This wastes 3 seconds, but otherwise it stays in line at WR pace.