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#20953949548086310 - General Chaos - Andy Dick - Work In Progress

General Chaos (UE) [!].tasproj.bk2
In 02:05.80 (7538 frames), 0 rerecords
Game: General Chaos ( Genesis, see all files )
Uploaded 2/21/2015 3:34 PM by NESAtlas (see all 5)
ROM: General Chaos (UEJ) (!).bin
Emulator: BizHawk 1.9.1
Objective: 2-Player Co-op Any%
Status: Work-In-Progress (Battle 1 done, but has issues)
Frames: 7,538
Notes: I realized after the first battle that you can position your soldiers before the round starts so the first level will have to be completely re-done :(