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#64735469568236636 - Panda Prince NES 'warpless'

Panda Prince, The (Shin-Shin) (Unl) [!]-1.fm2
In 03:28.51 (12531 frames), 518 rerecords
Uploaded 7/16/2020 8:43 AM by KAGE-008 (see all 4)
Completed in 02:59 (yes, I excluded 29 seconds of the ending). This time I decided to TAS the legit route, underwater and minecart levels are somewhat painful when it comes to optimization since there are some areas that require a timed wait. I am open to any improvement suggestions if there are any.

#64733517244775738 - Panda Prince NES 'secret warp'

Panda Prince, The (Shin-Shin) (Unl) [!]-0.fm2
In 01:15.94 (4564 frames), 135 rerecords
Uploaded 7/16/2020 6:36 AM by KAGE-008 (see all 4)
Panda Prince is an unlicensed DKC clone for the NES, made by KaSheng and distributed in Chinese game stores.
This 47-second TAS (excluding the ending obviously) makes use of a secret warp at level 1, which for some reason allows the player to skip STRAIGHT to the ostrich boss ('final' boss in this game) - btw, it is accessed by pressing Start while in the warp room and then Select to access any of the boss/bonus rooms.