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#35582852766408587 - addresses watch for GB Rolan's Curse

GB Rolan's Curse.wch

Uploaded 12/11/2016 11:11 AM by ThunderAxe31 (3 files)

For Rolan's Curse (GB)

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Rolan's Curse resync 3259M on 2.3.2.bk2

Uploaded 6/27/2019 6:11 PM by ThunderAxe31 (3 files)

For Rolan's Curse (GB)

In 04:29.77 (16113 frames), 3039 rerecords

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This is a resynced version of movie 3259. The only differences are are the addition of BIOS emulation and the equal length frames set to false.

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#56303559949576175 - Rolan's Curse - Enemy & RNG v1.2

Rolan's Curse - Enemy & RNG v1.2.lua

Uploaded 7/2/2019 3:06 PM by ThunderAxe31 (3 files)

For Rolan's Curse (GB)

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Script that shows various info about enemies: attack, HP left, item drop. It does display an exclamation mark when the drop can happen.
Also displays current ATT and HP, of which both temporary and permanent values.
Works in 2 players mode, and displays independent lag counts.
Works with both Gambatte and GBHawk cores.

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