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#638045189465612015 - Mission: Hurry Up, Mario Bros. (4/24/22)

In 05:27.61 (19600 frames), 7112 rerecords
0 views, 12 downloads
Uploaded 11/20/2022 5:29 AM by fella8 (3 files)

#638045182670340641 - New Super Mario Bros. "Lakitu Launch" (3/10/22)

In 02:30.03 (8976 frames), 417 rerecords
0 views, 9 downloads
Uploaded 11/20/2022 5:17 AM by fella8 (3 files)
This TAS could definitely get more points than it does. It was difficult to optimize the dragging of the stylus while also getting the positioning right.

#638045180058001015 - New Super Mario Bros. "Whack-a-Monty" (3/9/22)

In 01:02.68 (3750 frames), 105 rerecords
0 views, 8 downloads
Uploaded 11/20/2022 5:13 AM by fella8 (3 files)
I wanted to try DS TASing, so I started out with something simple. It is only possible to hit one mole every 4 frames, so by the end, many moles are left untouched.

#62460836113116880 - Another melonds test NFSC

Need for Speed Carbon - Own the City.bk2
In 01:41.61 (6107 frames), 95 rerecords
6450 views, 273 downloads
Uploaded 4/4/2020 10:11 PM by InfamousKnight (1 files)
Another sync test. Gets through first race, no desync issues(yet).
It is possible a desync may come along later down the road. As in, progress further.

#59283407675780980 - First tool-assisted speedrun- NSMB1

In 01:16.70 (4589 frames), 61 rerecords
4477 views, 454 downloads
Uploaded 11/13/2019 7:52 PM by yuhaseu14 (1 files)
my first tool-assisted speedrun i made
I do not know if it is well optimized or well done but I did it with the little knowledge I have with emulators.
I thank the few people who taught me a little basics of tool-assisted speedrun.
If anyone would have some advice here or on discord to give me to optimize, do better my tool-assisted speedrun, thank you.
made with desmuMe