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#15829258262585212 - Transformers "All RODIMUS letters"

Transformers - Comvoy no Nazo (J).fm2
In 04:50.95 (17486 frames), 6165 rerecords
Uploaded 7/5/2014 8:34 PM by MarbleousDave (see all 30)
This is my failed attempt at a TAS where I get all the RODIMUS letters. I am stumped at stage 9. I found a glitch where it took be back to the beginning of the stage even though I took the right path. What were the developers thinking? This game is worse than the GBA and DS MLP games combined. As Allie RX puts it, this game gets five pisses out of five (-5 out of 5). This game is ten times easier to TAS than it is to play.