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#63467773574577645 - A demonstration

Sonic 3D Blast - Director's Cut (World) (Unl).bk2
In 00:46.89 (2810 frames), 123 rerecords
Game: Sonic 3D Blast ( Genesis, see all files )
Uploaded 5/20/2020 6:31 AM by SonicFan53 (see all 10)
So this is a demonstrational TAS of the the first area of Green Grove Zone Act 1 in Sonic 3D Blast: Director's Cut without spindashing. I made this TAS with BizHawk and the ROM I used is the same one listed in the No-Intro DAT file.

#54577080528963994 - Sonic 3D Blast 100% Reivision 2.9 - The Last of the Old Route

Sonic 3DB 100% Revision 2.9.bk2
In 27:15.89 (98027 frames), 1955 rerecords
Game: Sonic 3D Blast ( Genesis, see all files )
Uploaded 4/15/2019 9:03 PM by the0nlykyd (see all 1)
Much older WIP of the Sonic 3D Blast Good Ending TAS. This build was before major routing changes and later optimizations. Freed Flicky Flagging was not yet discovered. Spring Stadium 1, Spring Stadium 2, and Diamond Dust 1 weren't being used to collect Chaos Emeralds. In their place was Green Grove 1, Rusty Ruin 2, and Volcano Valley 1. This revision also included the first recorded 0:18 in Spring Stadium 3, which at the time was still not optimized. Starting with Revision 3.0 we went back to Green Grove and started retroactively changing stages in the emerald route, making other minor improvements along the way.

#54561536898959793 - the0nlykyd's Genesis Sonic 3D Blast "good ending" Light Spike

In 35:55.61 (129170 frames), 4171 rerecords
Game: Sonic 3D Blast ( Genesis, see all files )
Uploaded 4/15/2019 4:14 AM by Spikestuff (see all 273)
Probably a few more frames with those A's but that's what makes this a light one, cause it goes to last input.