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#12238346580380996 - Rockman Glitchless WIP (last update: Oct 18 2013)

In 01:32.73 (5573 frames), 332 rerecords
Game: Mega Man (NES)
19464 views, 1367 downloads
Uploaded 1/25/2014 3:20 AM by Bisqwit (3 files)
Glitchless Rockman WIP. Plays until the middle of first Gutsman battle.
No zipping whatsoever. This means:
  • Not using magnetbeam to cram Megaman into a wall or a ceiling
  • Not grabbing ladder from its top to teleport Megaman 24 pixels up in air
  • Not grabbing ladder from its _bottom_ to teleport Megaman 24 pixels up in ladder
  • Not grabbing ladder horizontally to teleport Megaman horizontally to ladder's center, not even a subpixel faster than if he would walk/jump there
Any kind of technique that results in Megaman moving faster than he would normally walk / jump /climb in the present environment, is categorically banned.
No pause tricks:
  • No pausing to cancel hurt-animation
  • No pausing to repeat projectile damage to enemies
  • No pausing to move through enemies unharmed
Other assorted glitches:
  • No duplicating the Gutsman-throwable bricks
  • No frame-perfect landing+jumps while ground trembles in Gutsman battles to avoid losing balance
Tricks that are still used:
  • Luck manipulation
  • Jumping to cancel out standstill-walk delays
  • Jumping in ladder to cancel out shooting delay
  • Pausing to move before enemies move (as long as you're not moving through enemies)