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#16804763959560275 - NES Trojan WIPv40

Trojan (PC10)v41-compact.fm3
In 01:29.27 (5365 frames), 34942 rerecords
Game: Trojan ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 8/18/2014 6:56 PM by MESHUGGAH (see all 292)
28 frames faster than master adelikat, up to the armadillo boss death/end (Stage 2-2 perhaps?).
Randomness depends on time (not in-game time) and player X subposition. Therefore I
- Delay 1 frame starting the game to spawn first enemy on left side
- Delay 1 frame at the end to manipulate next level first enemy position
- Delay 2 frame after 2-1 boss and before 2-2 boss.

Player subpos ranges from 0,16,32,48...240 (16 values)
Timer I believe is only a byte, I should write down more values.

Level by level comparison:
Have no idea if I posted my lua script already, here's a totally not newbie friendly one: