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#17975153532168953 - Tekken Advance - lua - BizHawk

Uploaded 10/10/2014 11:57 AM by Spikestuff (see all 276)
Missing a value which is in the vba lua but finding that value takes some time to find and it's not really major.
-- Tekken GBA lua (Modified for BizHawk)
-- Values found by: Spikestuff
-- Script Edited by: Spikestuff
-- Note: A Value is Missing compared to the VBA version.

while true do
c = memory.read_u16_le(0x64D8)
l = memory.read_u16_le(0x245D)
r = memory.read_u16_le(0x2465)

	gui.text(12,64,"In-G Time: " .. memory.read_u16_le(0x2414), "black", "yellow")
	gui.text(14,80,"F Time: " .. memory.read_u16_le(0x259C), "black", "yellow") -- Refreshes when Tag Battle

if c == 3 then -- Tag Battle
if l == 77 then
	gui.text(176,62,memory.read_u16_le(0x47A2)) --1st Fighter 1p
else if l == 66 then
	gui.text(176,62,memory.read_u16_le(0x52C2)) --2nd Fighter 1p
else if l == 72 then
	gui.text(176,62,memory.read_u16_le(0x4D32)) --3rd Fighter 1p
end end end
if r == 88 then
	gui.text(272,62,memory.read_u16_le(0x5852)) --1st Fighter 2p
else if r == 94 then
	gui.text(272,62,memory.read_u16_le(0x5DE2)) --2nd Fighter 2p
else if r == 83 then
	gui.text(272,62,memory.read_u16_le(0x6372)) --3rd Fighter 2p
end end end
else if c == 1 then
	gui.text(176,62,memory.read_u16_le(0x47A2)) --Fighter 1p
	gui.text(272,62,memory.read_u16_le(0x5852)) --Fighter 2p
end end

emu.frameadvance() end