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#26539679099132664 - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow RAM Watch (for BizHawk)

Uploaded 10/31/2015 4:53 AM by Samsara (see all 72)
Updated watch file using the addresses listed on the Game Resources page.
Domain IWRAM
SystemID GBA
0008	d	h	0	Combined WRAM	RNG
00AC	d	u	0	Combined WRAM	in-game frames
0524	d	h	0	Combined WRAM	Xpos
0528	d	h	0	Combined WRAM	Ypos
052C	d	s	0	Combined WRAM	Xspeed
0530	d	s	0	Combined WRAM	Yspeed
A09A	w	u	0	EWRAM	CamX
A09E	w	u	0	EWRAM	CamY
055C	b	u	0	EWRAM	invuln
1327A	w	u	0	EWRAM	CurrentHP
1327C	w	u	0	EWRAM	CurrentMP
1327E	w	u	0	EWRAM	MaxHP
13280	w	u	0	EWRAM	MaxMP
1328C	d	u	0	EWRAM	Current EXP