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#34794032377179895 - Faxanadu - WIP X - Major Branch Point

Faxanadu v8.bk2
In 08:08.50 (29358 frames), 6089 rerecords
Game: Faxanadu ( NES, see all files )
Uploaded 11/5/2016 10:35 PM by Invariel (see all 16)
This upload represents the major branching point between the existing TAS and my work. At frame 29357, the first frame of the text box for Wing Boots collection is printed. From here, I will be making eight screen transitions to collect a second pair, then continuing along the projected route. If that proves ultimately to be slower (it shouldn't), then a future TASer can start from here and follow Lord Tom's Dagger route with a 124 frame lead (and slightly lower health and one available shot of Deluge).
A YouTube encode is forthcoming.