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#36046098526977841 - Oh right I was supposed to be doing TMNT IV.

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Uploaded 1/1/2017 7:53 AM by McHazard (see all 7)
So as it turns out, staying away until I had something to show for my absence was a terrible idea and just resulted in me not working on anything. Never doing that again.
Anyway, this is where I left off work on TMNT IV. It's somewhere around 35-40 seconds faster through the first two stages, though because of the lag differences between emulators I was never able to get an exact frame count.
Everything up to the start of the fence section is finalized... probably. I might need to look over it again. After that, it's a quick test run to get an idea of how many special attacks I'll need to use.
I'd say more, but it's been so long since I've worked on this that I need some time to remember everything.