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#63426004506127314 - TMNT 4, hopefully for real this time

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Uploaded 5/18/2020 9:23 AM by McHazard (see all 7)
Yeah, I'm working on this again.
This is 7 frames faster than the WIP from 3 years ago. There are a couple changes but they're pretty small, and mostly serve to get Raph and the enemies into better positions.
My comment on the last WIP said there were variations that were very close together, but I've long forgotten what they actually were. There's a real possibility that I end up optimizing the current strats as much as I can and just move on. Hopefully that doesn't happen, but on the plus side it'd mean getting the TAS finished a year or two faster. :P

#36193945397944320 - TMNT IV, better stage 2 strats

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Uploaded 1/7/2017 11:41 PM by McHazard (see all 7)
Now with something that isn't a placeholder in the second half of stage 2. Saved another 122 frames up to when the last enemy unloads. (Also adjusted input so that that's where it ends.)
There's still some variations that are very close together, and I'm not done with positional optimizations either. It'll probably take a while to sort everything out and get this stage finished.

#36046098526977841 - Oh right I was supposed to be doing TMNT IV.

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Uploaded 1/1/2017 7:53 AM by McHazard (see all 7)
So as it turns out, staying away until I had something to show for my absence was a terrible idea and just resulted in me not working on anything. Never doing that again.
Anyway, this is where I left off work on TMNT IV. It's somewhere around 35-40 seconds faster through the first two stages, though because of the lag differences between emulators I was never able to get an exact frame count.
Everything up to the start of the fence section is finalized... probably. I might need to look over it again. After that, it's a quick test run to get an idea of how many special attacks I'll need to use.
I'd say more, but it's been so long since I've worked on this that I need some time to remember everything.