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#36997429300865078 - 10 holes done! Yes, I'm still doing it!

Mario Golf - Advance Tour (USA).bk2
In 09:18.36 (33350 frames), 9400 rerecords
10864 views, 501 downloads
Uploaded 2/13/2017 4:07 AM by JCBoorgo (5 files)
So, back at it. Had some time (well, took some time actually) while not in college to continue it a bit. I redone it from scratch, with some optimizations and a change of characters. It was longer than expected, but hey here we are. Told you I'd submit at 9 holes, well I'm at 10. Next submit at 18 (first course over), and also I'm renaming it courage%, meaning no giving up holes. Cheers!