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#48600757394062462 - SNES Wing Commander WIP2

Snes Wing Commander WIP 2.bk2
In 12:00.38 (43294 frames), 4608 rerecords
Game: Wing Commander (SNES)
11249 views, 447 downloads
Uploaded 7/20/2018 5:33 PM by MarbleousDave (30 files)
McAuliffe System (part 1)

Mission 1

  • Autopilot to Nav 2 before to Nav 1 to go around the asteroid field
  • Entering map screen upon reaching Nav 1 to change route to Nav 4 glitches out the asteroids and also to ignore the minefield, Also I can't Autopilot as a result of the glitch.
  • Nav 3 is not necessary to complete the mission.

Mission 2

  • Destroyed all Dralthi fighters en-route to the enemy capship.
  • Stopped at frame 43294 where the Krants and capship is encountered.
  • If anyone wants to help, you're encouraged to do so and I'll appreciate it and I'll add your name to this TAS project